Teaching Tools

How to pre record your lecture using LOOM Google Chrome Extension

LOOM is a Screen recorder for Mac & Windows. LOOM can record your camera and screen display with audio directly from your Chrome browser.

Asynchronous Learning - Uploading pre-recorded lecture to youtube (2/3)

Screencastify - Screen Recording

Screen recording permits you to record the contents of your screen directly and convert it into a video file which can be shared via your official UMS Google Account.

Youtube for Lecturer

Your official UMS Google account is linked to YouTube which can be utilised to upload lectures for viewing by the students.

Audacity - Audio Recording

Audacity is a free opensource voice recording software which can be used to record your lecture as a voice file


H5P is a pedagogical tool which can be applied to transform audio visual presentations into interactive content (Please add my video from SMART taklimat)...

Microsoft Kaizala - Kelas Online

Tutorial STEP by STEP Microsoft Kaizala mengendalikan kelas ONLINE untuk PENSYARAH dan CIKGU SEKOLAH


Google Meet - Live Lecture

The Google Meet Platform can be utilized to deliver lecturers effectively in synchronous mode. All students must be logged on during the broadcast in order to access the lecture.

Q&A in Google Slides

Penggunaan Q&A dalam google slides semasa sesi pengajaran atas talian

Online class with FB Live

Kaedah mengendalikan kelas online yg interaktif menggunakan FB Live dan berkongsi slides dan screen


Google Jamboard

Kaedah Berkolaborasi secara atas talian menggunakan Google Jamboard

Prezi Video Virtual Camera

FB Live hebat dengan kesan slide PPT yang timbul menggunakan Prezi Video Virtual Camera

Group in MS Kaizala

Apa pilihan terbaik untuk group rasmi Jabatan atau tempat kerja anda? Cubalah Kaizala

Quiz with MS Excel + MS Kaizala

Step by step cara mudah kendalikan dan mengumpul jawapan kuiz menggunakan microsoft Excel dan Kaizala

e-Forum: Alternative Assesment

Go Live with Microsoft Team

Pembangunan Kuiz menggunakan Google Form

Asynchronous Learning - Pre recorded lecture using Google Meet